Foundation of the Veszprém Valley Greek Nunnery

The nunnery was founded by King Stephen. In addition to the education of women, the Veszprém Valley nuns also had the task to provide the churches built in the country with church garments. According to King Stephen’s 2nd Book of Laws “garments and altar clothes shall be provided by the King, whereas priests and books shall be provided by the Bishop”.
The vestment converted into a coronation mantle was prepared here. The ruins of the nunnery are situated in the contemporary city of Veszprém, whose cathedral was built upon the order of Gisela. The building model held in Gisela’s hand on the mantle may refer to the above fact. It was the privilege of the bishops of Veszprém to crown the queen, therefore Veszprém is referred to as “the city of queens” even today.